freshly baked bread

Freshly baked bread smells so good!

That's why we love to bake it on the premises. This way you are guaranteed a perfect loaf, every time!

Freshly baked bread - baked daily

Established since 1987, we are proud to offer an old-fashioned service of providing freshly baked bread from our own premises.

Despite offering you the old-fashioned service with a smile, we actually have extremely modern equipment in our state-of-the-art bakery, in order to bake the soft and delicious bread that we create, every day.

We only use locally sourced ingredients and that goes for our baked goods, not just for our cafe lunches and dinners! This means you can be sure that the produce is fresh and we are helping our local suppliers too.

We pride ourselves on our bread and rolls

Made with expert knowledge we are able to continue our family tradition to the next generation.

Using the equipment we have in our bakery, we are able to produce some of the finest tasting bread and rolls you can buy. Our hygiene standards are second to none and we practise these throughout the whole bakery, including the front of house.

If you are after a particular type of bread, pop in and have a look around. We may well bake it on a daily basis, so you can take it away with you, possibly still warm!

bread dough

If you like nothing better than freshly baked and warm bread, come in and see our selection or call

01286 804 450

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